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It’s 710, What is Cannabis Oil?

What is Cannabis Oil

First, write out 710 on a piece of paper, just like that. Then flip it upside down. OIL. Boom, blew your mind just now. But what is Cannabis Oil and why is it incredibly popular right now?

Essentially Oil is cited as giving incredibly potent hits and longer highs without the risk of some people getting headaches from it. But Oil requires a whole different set of rules and tools to smoke it.

To understand what oil is, we need to know how it is made. From there we can see how the chemistry behind it is driving the market need it is currently grabbing for.

What is Shatter

First, the oil making process is a little complex. Instead of creating a bud version of marijuana, you take the bud and heat it until it is a complex glass, or shatter. In fact, shatter is considered the highest standard of oil you can get because of its transparency. It’s the blue stuff from breaking bad.

But you’re turning Bud, which is a plant and burned like tobacco, and turning it into a complex oil like honey. You can’t simply roll up a cigarette and put honey on there and expect it to work, that’s not how any of this works.

So, first, it’s more potent, so instead of needing a huge portion of oil, you can get away with a lot less. So how can you smoke a very concentrated amount of oil with the maximum amount of smoke return? Enter the Dab Rig.

what is cannabis oil

Now we briefly talked about Dab Rigs in the last blog and how they work, so if you want an extensive run down of how dab rigs work in their way and the complex break downs, go ahead and read that guy right there.

Now the way that the oil works is that they need a super heated head to melt into that siphons into a breatheway for inhalation. The Dab Rigs main proponent is called the nail, which is a hollowed out nail. This is superheated on the head, and the oil is dabbed onto the top of the head (see: dabbing) So that it melts and billows through little bits at a time.

This creates a cloud closer to vapor when it comes to smoking creating a super potent and intense high. For many people, this is the future of smoking, but for many others, this is a little excessive for the casual smokers who need it for their everyday problems like chronic pain and mobility problems. You don’t give someone Percocet’s for headaches when a Tylenol will do just fine.

At Sessions, we like being at the forefront of what people are looking for. We do not sell nor advocate the selling of any marijuana as it is an illegal narcotic. Though we did just get in a beautiful order of dab rigs.


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