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How to Cure a Hangover

How to Cure a Hangover

We’ve all had hangovers from time to time. You can’t help it, you just get involved in the party to hard and that’s the way it rolls! But when you have to deal with the hangover next day, it’s rough. Nobody likes doing it, you always go to Chipotle to get hangover food and it just makes you cry afterwards. But overall, two thumbs up. Well no more! If you want to know how to cure a hangover, you need to keep reading here so you can get back out there and party too hardy.

ProTip – Drink Water: Every single suggestion we are going to bring up is going to emphasize drinking water. This is because you need to drink water. Yes it is great fun to get drunk as fast as possible. But you need to mellow out and have a water or you are putting your body at risk.

This is because you keep drinking alcohol and your body thinks it’s water so you get turnt quicker but it makes your body more unhealthy because of it.

Read the Protip again.

Identify your Drink – The key to preventing the hangover is knowing what you’re drinking and how to best counter that. You can do this by looking at one key ingredient, Sugar.

Sugary alcohol – If there is a lot of sugar in your drinks you need to increase the amount of water you drink in order to dilute the alcohol and sugars being processed. This is important because if you have too much alcohol and sugar it makes your brain hurt from overusing the regulatory body stuff. (Not a doctor)

How to Prevent a Hangover

Non-Sugary Alcohol – This is good. If you are like me and can go for a Rum and Coke Zero because it makes you look cool then you’re in luck. The key ingredient in each will show you just how to counter it and what kind of hangover to expect.

Rum – Sugar Cane or Molasses – Increase Water Consumption

Whiskey – Rye or Wheat, put a little extra food in the tummy.

Vodka – Potatoes, or Grapes if you’re into Grey Goose (TIL)

Gin – Made from Jenever which is a berry.

If you accidentally goofed and didn’t drink enough water. Congratulations on being able to read this blog with a pulsing hangover. The first thing we are going to suggest is popping a vitamin C. You need to start rehydrating your body with healthy vitamins like Vitamin C. Then you will want to do 3 things, in this order.

Have a Sports Drink – Drink a sports drink (we are not endorsed, we will not say our favorite) and get some of the B vitamins and potassium back into your body, you want to do this first because the next step is bready food.

Have Bready Food – Bagels are my go-to for this. A bagel with cream cheese will absorb the alcohol in your stomach and add some dairy. This will help relieve the burn that a lot of people have during their hangover.

Read the Protip again – Dear god, drink some water.

Other methods will help you get over a hangover quicker. But for the sake of legality, we feel it necessary not to bring them up. But if you want a surefire, easy way to get over a hangover and carry on with your day, this is what works best for us every time!


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