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How to Use Kratom!

Kratom is a stimulating herbal medicine that is often bought in a powder form. For most beginners, the question is “Now that I have Kratom. How to use kratom?” But when it comes to more experienced users the question becomes “How to use Kratom, so that it doesn’t taste awful and make me throw up?” Good news is this, we have the solutions to both questions below. The short answer: mix it with a lot of tasty stuff.

Looks like this!

Kratom Tea – Kratom naturally comes in a powder and can be easily soluble in water. Some people who are familiar with green tea are familiar with the sensation. But to the average person, it’s like if you had a green tea that’s steeped for a hundred years. The flavor is overwhelming to some, but if you dilute it enough, it should do the trick.

Toss n Wash – This is becoming much more popular for people who want a quick pick me up. You ever had tequila and did the lemon and salt method? The Same rule applies. You have a pre-taste, spoonful of kratom, after-taste. If you want to use water as the mixer, be our guest but then why don’t you just make tea? Common options are to use Orange Juice, Seltzer Water, and Ginger Ale. But you don’t want anything too bubbly, or it could cause you to burp it all up.

How to Use Kratom

Mix n Mash – As long as you can take the dose of kratom and ingest it, it doesn’t matter which way you take it, and some people take it with food. I’ve read where people will take it with yogurt; some will blend it into a protein smoothie or even make their home made frappuccinos. You don’t want to go too heavy because you might not feel as strong of a kick, though. But that protein shake is certified fresh.

Smoke it Oldschool – This isn’t the best way because you’re going to end up spending a lot more kratom than if you just ingested it. But, when Kratom was first discovered in its leafy form, the people who found it would smoke it. It wasn't until later that they thought to pulverize it into a powder, and so they would just rip the leaves to shreds and smoke it.

Hey if it’s your thing, you’re going to find a way to make it work for you and more power to you. I toss n wash cause it’s convenient but if I’m having a chill day I’ll mess around with it. If you are looking for the best Kratom in Hollywood, look no further than Sessions Smoke Shop!

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