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Medical Marijuana will be on the 2016 Florida Ballot

The proposed constitutional amendment that just fell short in 2014 is back on the bill for this year and (hopefully) this time it will pass. Marijuana, in general, is breaking social barriers as more states entertain the idea of leaglization. With growing public support and higher Millennial voter turnouts, this might be the year that Florida becomes the newest state supporting marijuana-- just not recreationally. And the amnedment has many hoops to jump through first before recreational use can even be brought to the table.

While the proposed amendment would allow medical marijuana to be used, the patients able to access it would still be strictly limited but with more wiggle room than 2014 Charlotte's Web Bill. The Charlotte's Web bill allows for non-euphoric marijuana to be used for people suffering from seizures. However, patients that meet the criteria set by Governor Scott have yet to receive the medicine because Governor Scott has been unable to work out the finer details of regulation such as growers and dispenseries.

Another factor is voter turnout. In 2014, the bill fell short by less than 3 percent of the needed 60% approval by voters.

Marijuana also has alcohol and tobacco companies throwing millions of dollars into campaigns and propoganda aimed at keeping Marijuana a schedule 1 drug. Personal injury lawyer, John Morgan, is helping to lead the charge as an advocate for medical marijuana and emailed his supporters wednesday night saying, “We’re back. We’re going to win for the patients. BELIEVE!!!” Morgan's brother is one of the people that would benefit from medical Marijuana and has been his inspiration for seeing the campaign come to fruition. Even with the millions of dollars being poured into lobbiest for the alcohol and tobacco industry, Morgan stands strong and vigilant in his belief; “One thing that we learned is that we don’t have to respond to everything they say; we don’t have to match them dollar for dollar. We just have to get out the message that marijuana helps people who are sick and suffering".

For more information on how you can help medical marijuana pass on this year's ballot, please go to .

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