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How did Mary Jane, get her name?

names for mary jane

What’s up party people. You ever notice how there is never a boring name for Marijuana and how it always has names that seem obscure and random? That’s because a lot of people who gave it their names are too stoned to make the right decision. So to find out how Mary Jane got her name we need to establish that she is indeed a female.

The pot leaves that people smoke that has THC content in it are typically female. This is because the sweet THC is a byproduct of female leaves and the way they pollinate to grow, so marijuana is a she.

Now before we started calling it Mary Jane, we just started calling it Marijuana. But in Spanish speaking countries, they began calling her Maria Juana, which doesn’t sound clever because it isn’t really. From here when people started hearing that it was called Maria Juana and just Americanized it.

Maria turned into Mary, Juana turned into Jane, easily the only improvement. Should we start calling her Maria Jane? Nah, that sounds stupid too. I’ve never been a big fan of calling it by a name besides being a blatant joke because I feel like we’ve moved on from that.

Back when Mary Jane first got its name, it’s because people were afraid to speak about it openly. It adopted a name because it was easier to talk about naturally in a conversation and still be slick. But now, you can do anything about marijuana; you can devote your entire blog to it. Point being that Mary Jane, Maria Juana, however you want to refer to it, do you, but we don’t need to be shy talking about it anymore. Call us if you want to talk about this more. #MicDrop


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