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Hemp and Weed: What's the Difference


Have you ever smoked Hemp or had a hat or clothes that were made of marijuana? Of course not, because that’s stupid and now how either of these two items works. The jargon stems from the etymology of the words and how they are used. To begin, we need to go back to the grandfather word, Cannabis.

Cannabis is the all-encompassing plant that produces many different things. Cannabis is responsible for the THC-drug, marijuana; it is also responsible for one of the most reliable fibers in the world, Hemp. But where do we draw the line? Can plants that produce Hemp still produce Marijuana and vice-versa? The short answer, sort of.

Cannabis Sativa is a potent THC producer that makes people more active while under the influence of the drug. This has to do with the formation of the striated materials of the plant fibers. These plant fibers are also really great if you want to make shirts and hats out of them.

So while you can make clothes from Cannabis Sativa, you can also smoke marijuana, they’re just completely different parts of the plant.

Can I smoke My Clothes??

No... I mean you "can". But I wouldn't advise it and I don't think it would do what you hope it does.

Hemp Clothing

No, coincidentally Hemp is also a superfood. Similar to flax seeds, hemp seeds are powerful in their ability to produce protein and other nutrients. If you would like to try some, we are selling hemp seeds right now out of our stores, and they are also quite tasty. Similar to chia, they also react well with water in case you want a flavorless addition to your smoothies in the morning.

At Sessions Smoke Shop we are constantly advocating for ways to educate our consumers and get rid of the demonization that marijuana has undergone. If you would like to learn more about our products or marijuana in general, give us a call!


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