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Ash Catcher Vs Pre-Coolers

This is a niche question for those who are in the market to purchase a water pipe. But most people want to know whether or not to buy an ash catcher or a pre-cooled, and our first question to you is: What’s the difference between ash catchers and pre-coolers? There is no difference; they are the same thing. It’s just a jargon thing.

Ash Catchers and Pre-Coolers are the same things. This means that if someone is asking you to purchase both, then it is a problem because they are the same thing.

Both of these are part of these are extensions that offer extra filtration to help keep your water pipe clean from byproducts of smoking and ash. But are they for you? Yeah, dude, you don’t want a rough smoke.

If the pre coolers are before the smoke goes through, the next thing that you can get is a percolator. Percolator is filters that go in the middle of the water pipe that catches ash that might have slipped through the pre-cooler.

These are great additions because they help ensure you have the cleanest rip possible.

Mouthpieces – There are mouthpieces for water pipes as well, but they aren’t quite on the market yet. Some people have filed for a patent for mouthpieces for water pipes that would be able to add additional filtration, but the mouthpieces that exist right now are purely for keeping your lips safe and secure when sharing and caring.

At Sessions Smoke Shop we are constantly advocating for ways to educate our consumers and get rid of the demonization that marijuana has undergone. If you would like to learn more about our smoke products or marijuana in general, give us a call!

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LA Wholesale
LA Wholesale
4 hours ago

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