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Tobacco Dabbing

Tobacco Dabbing

Many people are starting to inquire about some crazy things. Similar to smoking beer in the past, now people are wondering if tobacco dabbing is possible. For those who want the fast answer, Yeah sort of. But the real question is, why would you?

When you make caramel, you are super heating the sugar molecules until they bake into a nice golden brown. While using a different method one herb, it produces a similar result. Herb, when it is cooked and burned into a resin basically, can take an ounce of dub and turn it into a small plate that burns quickly and more concentrated.

While Tobacco and Marijuana are drastically different structurally, the process can produce similar results with Tobacco. So instead of having an ounce of weed turned into a small drop of concentrated dub, you can take like twenty cigarettes and turn it into one concentrated nicotine hit.

But why on Earth would you want to do that? That sort of Nicotine hit reaches dangerous levels of dispersal in the body and can create a crazy body high unlike anything that other cigarette smokers can reach.

While it can produce a crazy excitatory feeling, few people have done it, and there are virtually no reports on the internet of people doing it because it’s crazy. Some people have tried mixing dub and smoke together to create a very stimulating effect but there is no way of judging the adverse reactions, and there’s no reason not just to smoke a cigarette because you only need a small amount of tobacco to do it.

We are not in anyway advocating for making any combination of tobacco and resin. While experimentation can be fun, our knee-jerk reaction is that this is a bad idea. But if you guys happen to have any videos of anyone doing it, we highly recommend sharing it because we want to know the results from braver people than we.


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