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Weed Channels on YouTube

Weed Channels on YouTube

Weed Channels are a huge thing on YouTube right now. Everyone seems like they’re toking it up and putting it up on YouTube. While most of these are trash, there are some that are great, and we’ve picked out a few of them for you today. But more importantly, you have to check out this video from Internet Comment Etiquette about Weed Youtube Channels.

Silenced Hippie – Silenced Hippie is here because of all the regular just smoke weed channels on YouTube, this is the one that is the best of all the standard regular stuff. She hangs out, smokes and reviews stuff and overall is pretty chill to keep on in the background.

weed youtube

Getting Doug with High – Doug Benson is a renowned comedian who smokes a ton of weed and talks about stupid stuff. Often they are good for a listen and are pretty fun to keep on in the background. Most of these are going to be pretty good to keep on in the background.

Joe Rogan – Joe Rogan is probably the best podcast type channel on YouTube. Not only will he be talking about things such as marijuana, but he will also bring up conspiracy theories, socio-economic issues, and sports. He talks about everything, and it’s great because you learn quite a lot and it’s pretty entertaining at the same time.

Sessions Smoke Shop loves reading a ton of things and watching things about weed and smoking. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas, give us a call. We can always edit and change it, if you have any friends who haven’t seen any of these, just send it out. We would love to hear back from the community about this. If anything, give us a call and work it out!


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