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Silicone Dab Rigs?

Silicone Dab Rigs

Some of you are blowing up our social media asking about Silicone dab rigs. First off, for those in the know, we have them, yes you should come in, yes they are awesome. For those of you who are casual shisha smokers and are curious about the frankly crazy af world of smoking alternatives (wink.) This post is for you.

First, what is DabbingDabbing is a stupid dance that kids do these days. Somebody had this great idea that if you melted a lot of marijuana and created a thin, concentrated, resin of that, you could get a more concentrated high. This involves smoking a chip of weed and inhaling all the goodness, but while using a bowl or a bong was a good idea, it’s not optimal for this because the heat required for Dabbing is super high, so you need a custom rig.

Second, what is a dab rig – A dab rig is designed very similar to a bowl but with one modification. You have what is called a nail, which is why you will always hear aficionados screaming don’t touch the nail. You have a bowl, where the water is, then you have the nail, then you have the dabbing stick because you are just going to dab the resin onto the superheated nail (like thousand degrees, seriously, don’t touch the nail.)

A silicone dab rig is important because a lot of people will smoke too much resin and straight pass out into a dream filled stupor. But with Silicon, it can take the heat and be floppy as hell. So the silicone dab rig is just that, it’s above, but made of silicon instead of glass or metal or fiberglass (dear god why.)

Silicone Advantage – Silicone is incredibly flexible and durable when compared to glass. It is perfect for carrying around for those who want to smoke outside, and it offers great mobility. But our big concern when we first got it was “Will we be burning silicon?” The short answer is no. The best way to see it in action is below.

CustomGrow420 is one of the weed channels (check last week's blog) that we think covers it pretty well. Now is this guy a shill and showing off a product for money? Yes, but he’s pretty good at it, so let’s listen to him talk.

Seriously, this guy is super high-energy.

If you want to come in and try one out, come into our premier smoke shop in Hollywood, we just got a few in stock. We are pretty excited about our new inventory, so excited in fact that we can’t wait to get rid of it! So come in and check it out, it’s fun to play with and more fun to smoke!


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