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The Progression of Medical Marijuana

There are now 25 states plus Washington D.C. that permit some form of Medical Marijuana to be used by its inhabitants. While many people advocate against it for their reasons, there is no denying the fact that marijuana has numerous medical benefits. When half of the states in the country (including, California, New York, Colorado, the Capital of the Nation) are advocating for the legalization of something, the other states are merely holding back the national progression. However, these are not merely arid claims without substance, Medical Marijuana is being actively used in the medical field and has yielded positive results.

Usage against Alzheimers: In a small, concentrated study, THC in small doses has been found to lower the progression of beta-amyloid protein, which is usually what aids in the progression of Alzheimers. While it is not confirmed to stop Alzheimers, nor is it confirmed to slow the disease, the study shows a clear indication that Medical Marijuana can be a potential ally in the war against Alzheimer's.

Usage against Multiple Sclerosis: As is most popularly seen in the documentary ‘The Union,’ Greg Cooper has been shown to rid most of his symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis from the usage of Marijuana. In the clip shown below you can see how he can go from spasmatic movements, to calm stillness after a few inhales of medical marijuana.

Usage against ALS: Similar to the effects that THC has on Alzheimers, cannabis oil has new ‘ANECDOTAL’ evidence that cannabis oil can prolong the life of the person who has ALS as well as relieve the everyday symptoms. While this is not concrete evidence of it being an effective cure, it can help those afflicted with the disease as well as give them a better quality of life.

Medical Marijuana in Florida

Medical Marijuana is making small advances in each of the states. While it is a long road to decriminalization and that stigma surrounding it is hindering its progression. There are clearly medical benefits that can be received from medicinal use as well as stimulating and safe effects obtained from recreational use.

If you want to help the progression of Medical Marijuana in Florida, go out and Vote Yes on Amendment 2 on November 8th. It has been a hard-fought struggle to put that amendment on the ballot and it we are not able to advocate for its usage, several people are not receiving the benefits they need from it.

At Sessions Smoke Shop, we have been working tirelessly to advocate and aid in it's legalization. We believe that marijuana has been wrongly stigmatized and should be advocated for medicinal and recreational use. If you would like to know more, give us a call at

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