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Matthew Smoke Session! Smoke out the Storm!

Is the hurricane getting you down? Dodge tropical depressions by smoking the storm out. Head on down to Sessions before the big storm to pick up some our excellent products to stock up the right way before the hurricane.

Break in a new pipe! – We have a great selection of glassware inside the stores that are all needing new homes. From small pipes to mid-scale hookah machines we are practically overstocked with great pipes. If you’ve got the next two days off like most people due to the hurricane, this will be a great way for you to break in a new pipe among friends and hang out during the storm.

Perfect your Vape game – If you’ve got a source of light and a full battery on your vape, it’s time to perfect your vape game. Using any one of our amazing products from inside the store, you can skip the boring shipping wait and have fresh e-liquid or a whole new vaporizer for you to hang out with and enjoy.

Kratoms Back on the Menu – We have won a small foothold in the battle for drug equality since the DEA has backed off their push for DEA classification. What better time is it to try Kratom then when you have a few days to yourself? Head on down and check out our selection before the storm comes!

Sessions are the place to be right before the storm, once you’ve got water and all your vitals down, it’s time to see us and get your necessities. We provide the best products at best prices. We are only open until 8 PM today, so come check us out before these products lock up for the storm. Call us today to find directions to our great establishment at (954) 399-8558!

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