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Starbuzz Shop Review: Blue Mist Tobacco

starbuzz shop

We sell a very specific catalog in our shop. If you ever walk in, you realize that we like to keep an open, zen-like area. Because of that, we think it is important to shine a spotlight on specific products that we sell. Each product we sell deserves their own time in the sun. When it comes to our shisha, we may sell Al Fahker, but we identify ourselves as a starbuzz shop for the most part. With that, we figured it would be a cool idea to review our favorite piece of shisha, the blue mist tobacco from Starbuzz.

The Flavor – The blue mist tobacco has the notable blueberry character to it. It is a huge fan favorite because of this draw (no pun intended.) However, where I think it truly shines as a great shisha product is the slight tingle of mint that lingers on the tongue after you have pulled. It is a truly satisfying, almost cleansing finish to the invigorating fruit flavor.

blue mist tobacco

The Pull – Now the pull is very smooth and has a great mouth feel. The pull is never rough unless I am working with fresh coals or I am mixing the buzz with a lower grade tobacco product as I did when I was younger. However, the pull of the pure blue mist is immensely gratifying and feeling the plume can be very thick. This is another moment where the inclusion of the mint can cause a euphoric combination of flavor, mouthfeel, and refreshing coolness.

The Buzz – It is starbuzz we are talking about here. It is got a great pull and flavor. As long as you are using a reasonable amount without smoking too fast and practicing good hookah habits, you are going to have a great buzz from this product.

Sessions are the best local starbuzz shop in Hollywood. Whether you are looking for Pirate’s Cave or Blue Mist tobacco, we have all the best from starbuzz and more. So go ahead and pop into the shop and say hello, start your sesh with us, call us today at

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