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Glass Pipes: Your Only Option

Glass Pipes

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the video of the guy and the acrylic pipe. Whether or not it’s deliberate or mistake, there’s no avoiding the fact that the acrylic water pipe just will not hold up to the heat that it should hold up to. But while there are problems with having glass pipes such as a pain in the neck to clean and the fact that they can break easily, are there any other options?

Acrylic Water Pipe – Well, we’ve already talked about this one. It doesn’t break when you hit it a few times, it’s hard to crack, and it’s much less expensive than glass pipes. However, it is super harmful to smoke through and can’t stand up to the heat.

Plastic – Similar to the acrylic water pipe, these might be optimal for a quick burn, but the longer you smoke it, the more of the pipe you’ll be smoking and less of the contents. It’s important to draw your line in the sand about how many toxins you’d like to ingest during your sesh. By the way, it doesn’t look cool.

smoke shop Hollywood Fl

Aluminum – One of the only kinds of metal pipes that work and certainly the only one that has any actual merit on this list. They aren’t bad. Some of them are very innovative regarding how you’re supposed to smoke it. While some of them are great, I feel like they’re a little harsh. There’s a harshness that comes with the metal bore like the smoke has nothing to cling to and become smoother. But to each their own, also, these only work as a one hit kind of thing, it’s uncomfortable in pipe form.

Luckily we have a beautiful selection of glass pipes down here in our smoke shop. Hollywood FL might be home to a ton of great smoke shops, but only Sessions will let you feel like you’re talking to experts. We care about the sesh and if you want to have the best time, start your sesh with us.

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