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Medicinal Marijuana in Florida (Amendment 2 Passed!)

Amendment 2 Passed in Florida

Today is a great day for those in need of medicinal marijuana in Florida. Amendment 2, the amendment that legalizes marijuana for medicinal purposes has passed with 70% of the votes! Now, what does this mean for marijuana usage in Florida? Not a whole lot, unless you have a lot of terrible debilitating illnesses.

Medicinal Marijuana in Florida

The ballot says that we are allowing the use of medicinal marijuana for individuals with debilitating conditions as determined by your licensed Florida Physician. Such diseases are those like ALS, Cancer, MS, and much more. But they don’t mention the usage for nervous conditions such as anxiety or depression. So you won’t be able to go in and simply request whatever you want just because Amendment 2 has been passed.

Also, there are clear addendums in the amendment that state that no impact on the treating and convicting of people who are caught illegally using Marijuana. So we can’t expect there to be reduced sentences for prisoners previously convicted, nor can we expect more leniency for those who will be charged in the future.

Simple, Amendment 2 will progress the ability to research and study the effects of cannabis on the body. By giving people the treatment they need and being able to open everyone up to studying the effects of cannabis on the body, we can progress the usage of marijuana beyond that of a recreational drug and find effects previously unheard of. Amendment 2 is the step before recreational, but we need to remember why recreational legalization happens in the first place. The people of Florida need to learn and understand that this drug is not only harmless, but it's also potentially helpful to people who have debilitating diseases and lower.

This is a tremendous day for the progression of Marijuana in Florida and should be celebrated.

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