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Can you smoke beer?

Can you smoke Beer?

Smoking alcohol and smoking beer, in general, has become a bit of a joke recently. The first time I was introduced to the concept of smoking beer was of the viral video ‘hops’ by LA Turtle. In the video, he’s talking about getting drunk and high off of smoking beer.

So the question we are posing today is, can you smoke beer? In short, yes. Goodbye, we’re done here, people.

The only way that I’ve seen it practically make sense is using air pressure and oxidation through a bike pump and a large plastic bottle. You can best see it explained in this video.

In the video, these two gentlemen are sitting around pumping about a liter of air into what is probably 4-6 ounces of Whiskey from the judge of it. He pumps the air in so that there is built up pressure. High air pressure will naturally want to stabilize, so the excess air will push itself out of the spout when it is open, the particles inside will all rush out so the liquid is essentially just piggybacking on the air molecules.

This creates vapor. Vapor is, of course, the displacement of water molecules with air molecules to create a semi-permeable gas. Thicker than air and thus more visible, while all the while still having high osmolarity. Meaning, you can inhale it like air, and it will be absorbed as such.

As seen here

It’s a mixed bag. In the Rogue Whiskey clip, it is clear that it doesn’t affect them as much. Now they do state that they have a tolerance and we don’t quite know what the circumstances surrounding this process are. But, similar to powdered alcohol, the higher the alcohol content, the better because you will be able to feel a kick faster. So we would recommend types like 151 or Everclear for a more immediate effect.

But when you’re speaking about the efficacy of an inconsistent science you’re going to get traction on both sides. No matter what you decide to do, if you’re inhaling alcohol or ingesting a drug in a different matter, you need to pace yourself.

If you are wanting to try smoking alcohol through this vapor style, you need to take your time and judge yourself and your surroundings. When it comes to taking in chemicals through your blood stream, it’s hard to judge the rate of intake. So try it with wine or beer at first and over time, you can always increase the alcohol content over time or the second time. But the first time should always be a time of testing and not a time of pushing the limits.

If you do end up trying it, shoot us a message! Tell us how it went, did you like it or not! If you’re going to try it, please be responsible. Do not drink and drive, do not chase the desired effect and end up taking in too much. Enjoy yourself and be responsible. If you would like to try some of our other products which will help you have a good time, make sure to call us today at

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