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How are Smoke and Vapor Different?

how does vaping work

People often talk about favoring smoke over vaping or vice versa, but this is all due to people having positive or negative experiences and not knowing the textbook definition. Luckily, at Sessions, we have the hard hitting information.

Essentially Smoke and Vapor have two main differences with each other. Smoking destroys the active ingredient while vaping excises it.

how does smoking work

Smoke is about combustion. You smoke the active ingredient by lighting it on fire and breathing everything that comes out of it. Lighting the active ingredient on fire means that you are destroying the core ingredient and can only breathe in what is surviving the transition from solid to gas. This means that you are not receiving 100% of the active ingredient, but instead only receiving a fraction of what it has to offer, and more.

When you burn something, it creates gasses such as carbon dioxide, tar, and other destructive materials. When you are smoking something, you are inhaling its ashes and dead materials as well which neither tastes good nor are good for you. This thick tar is what creates such potent clouds and smells that cling to you and the air.

Smoking happens when you force the active ingredient through an airway and inhale the contents.

Vaping occurs when the air way of hot air forces itself around the active ingredient; then you inhale it regardless.

Vaping bypasses the creation of tar and dangerous chemicals by using the hot air to smother, compress, and vaporize the components. Because there is no actual smoke, because there is no melting of a substance, you receive a much more potent usage of the active ingredient while also inhaling it in a manner that is much safer for your body overall.

smoke and vapor

In the end, it all comes down to what the user wants out of their experience. Sessions provide both bowls and vaporizers in our shop because for some people it’s a matter of choice. They both have their feels and perks but vaping is undoubtedly the healthiest option.

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