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How does a Vaporizer Work?

How does a Vaporizer Work

Vaporizers have had many names over the years. Vape Pens, E-cigarettes, vaporizers, cartomizers, a ton of different names. We know vaporizers as being objects that turn a liquid into a vapor and that vapor tastes good and feels good. But how exactly do these devices work?

For a vaporizer, you essentially need three parts within a receptacle. You need a holder for tobacco or fluid, a coil to heat the liquid (turning it into vapor) and you need a battery for keeping the coil hot.

The liquid sits in a small tank containing an electrically charged coil. The coil is connected to a battery in a separate section of the device which is kept free of liquid spill over. The battery often has a USB connection to the back for recharging.

Once fully powered, the battery turns the coil on, and the liquid will interact on activation of the button. The button turns the coil on and burns the liquid into a vapor. The vapor is then sent out as air through tight tubes that don’t allow liquid exit. From here the person can breathe easily and safely.

Types of Vaporizers

While the process is very easy to follow, there are many different kinds of vaporizers which do this step in uniquely different ways.

What is a Cartomizer


The cartomizer looks like a cigarette. There is a long tube which acts as a battery. Then the base of the ‘cigarette’ is where the e-liquid is pre-installed. So instead of purchasing e-liquid, you could buy different bases which would have the different flavors. However, some of these come with larger bases for custom installing e-liquid.

They are changed by the entry, and the base is screwed on. From here you can smoke it like a cigarette, and the coil will connect where the screws meet. There are two types of these, breathing sensed or button pressed for release.

A variation, known as the clearomizer is very similar but transparent which makes it very easy to view the liquid.

Vape drop

What is an Atomizer

The atomizer is probably the most common vaporizer on this list. There is a large battery pack for the hand, with a removable mouthpiece. The mouthpiece holds the liquid from within and can be screwed on with the twist of a hand.

Once connected, you are bringing the coil and the liquid together. Charging is done at the base, and the machine is the most commonly seen vaporizer.

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We love these little devices. If you would like to learn more about vapes, vape pens, cartomizers…. You get it.. or anything else, give us a call or check out our shop!


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