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5 things to avoid while dabbing.

Let's face it-- Dabbing has exploded, but in a good way. With the trend growing nationally, it is important to remember safety first kids! Just as people know to, "puff, puff, pass" there is of course dabbing etiquette and serious "no-no's" to avoid when jumping into the field.

And we are here to guide you through the magical wonders of dabbing, especially the 5 things to avoid while dabbing.


Seriously. You will be sorry. Like, some variation degree of burns on your hand sorry. And, I don't know about you, but I would rather save my hospital visits for more important things.

Apparently, that didn't phase this guy.

Video Credit: Ace Boogie (YouTube)


It's tough to say what temperature is perfect for dabbing, so it is important to experiment. The "Goldie locks" zone though could be considered between 550-600 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid cold nails, as it will not vaporize the concentrate, much of the flavor will be lost, and you'll be inhaling 700 degrees + vapor. Most people start off with a torch to heat up the nail and torch's run in the shop anywhere between $30-$100 depending on the quality and size.


This may seem a little tough to accomplish but trust us, coughing after taking a dab can send stars into your head. Instead of coughing up your long like a TB victim, take deep, slow breaths and allow your lungs to receive some fresh air. It's not easy to do, but once you learn, you can start taking bigger and bigger dabs without feeling like you can't breathe.

4. Dragonball Dabs


These are 3,000 gram cannabis extract with 99% THC. We do not recommend attempting to smoke this even within a months time-frame. Leave big dabs for the pros that have built up their lungs and tolerance. We are not NASA and you are not Matt Damon-- if you take off to Mars, no one can help you come down from this.


Drier concentrates require a different Carb Cap dabber as opposed to "budder" or "shatter" concentrates. Those that are looking to also enjoy the flavor of their concentrate should inquire with their local smoke shop to see which Carb Cap is right for them.

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